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Only Canadian resellers may vote and are eligible for the prize draw. To be eligible for the prize draw you must complete your name and contact information. All voting must be completed by January 19, 2019 at 5pm EST. Entries will be compiled and one entry for each of the prizes will be picked randomly. The winner of the prize will be announced on February 7th, 2019 on

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1. Best Broad-Based Distributor

2. Best Specialty Distributor

3. Best Availability/Delivery

4. Best Product Support

5. Best Terms/Conditions

6. Best Customer Service

1. Best Overall Vendor

2. Best Vendor Channel Program

3. Best New Vendor

4. Best Networking Vendor

5. Best Security Vendor

6. Best Storage Vendor

7. Best Mobile Device Vendor

8. Best Cloud Services Vendor

9. Best POS Vendor

1. Best Business Desktop

2. Best Gaming Desktop

3. Best Workstation

4. Best Consumer Notebook

5. Best Business Notebook

6. Best Server

7. Best Tablet

1. Best Multi-Purpose Display

2. Best Professional Display

3. Best Digital Signage

4. Best UPS Battery Backup

5. Best Scanner

6. Best Portable Projector

7. Best Business Projector

8. Best Home Theater Projector

9. Best Mobile Scanner

1. Best Business Printer

2. Best 3D Printer

3. Best Personal Printer

4. Best Multi-Function Printer

5. Best Portable Printer

6. Best Label Printer

7. Best Wide Format Printer

1. Best Business Router

2. Best Home/Consumer Router

3. Best SMB Network Switch

4. Best Enterprise Switch

5. Best SMB Telephony (VOIP)

6. Best Enterprise Telephony

7. Best IoT Solution

1. Best Financial Software/ERP

2. Best Database

3. Best Backup and Recovery

4. Best Password Management

5. Best Messaging/Collaboration

6. Best Virtualization Software

7. Best CRM

8. Best Document Management

9. Best Mobile App

10. Best Business Intelligence/Analytics

11. Best E-Commerce Solution for VARs

1. Best NAS

2. Best SAN

3. Best Data Centre

4. Best Portable Storage

5. Best SSD

1. Best Cloud Application

2. Best Cloud Distributor

3. Best Cloud Storage/Solution

4. Best Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

5. Best Cloud Platform as a Service

6. Best Software as a Service

7. Best Infrastructure as a Service

1. Best Print Managed Services

2. Best IT Assessment Tool

3. Best Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)


4. Best Service Automation (PSA)

5. Best Mobile Device Management

1. Best Firewall

2. Best Anti-Virus

3. Best Anti-Spam

4. Best Endpoint Security

1. Best Online Channel News Media

2. Best Channel Event

Note: Only one entry is allowed per person.

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